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Welcome to the Arabella Golf Organic Garden

5 de September de 2022

The Organic Garden at Arabella Golf Mallorca is inspired by our focus on quality, proximity and sustainability.
Arabella Golf Mallorca is opening its first Organic Garden as part of the sustainable Green Evolution programme. This strategic plan focuses on four core areas: water management, energy management, sustainable consumption and preservation of the natural environment. All this with the aim of transforming Arabella Golf Mallorca into a circular company.

From the orchard to the plate.
The Organic Garden is a space in which vegetables, herbs and small fruit trees to be used in our kitchens are grown without the use of chemicals, free of pesticides or artificial fertilisers, totally organic and zero km. Our chefs will harvest them daily at their peak ripeness. Promoting contact with and respect for nature implies developing sustainable, healthy living habits.
Our restaurants offer menus that highlight the value of garden products, which are increasingly prominent in our dishes. We complete these menus with local products so that our dishes have their own unique aromas, colours and flavours.
Savouring the daily set menu or our restaurants’ a la carte menus with food freshly harvested from our organic garden is a luxury available to all our customers.

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