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At Arabella Golf, our top priority is the safety and well-being of everyone who enjoys our facilities. To reinforce these values, we are pleased to inform you of an important update to our tee time booking policies at Arabella Golf Mallorca, which will come into effect from 1st July 2024.

From this date, it will be mandatory to acquire a “Daily Golf Licence” for each booking made at our golf courses, except for those players who hold a Spanish Golf Federation licence.

Mandatory Golf Insurance for Players

  • Federated Players: If you hold a Spanish Federation licence, please present your valid membership proof. This requirement helps to maintain a safe and secure environment for all participants.
  • Non-Federated Players: For those players without a Spanish Federation licence, it is imperative to acquire temporary insurance coverage to access and participate in our facilities.

The prices are as follows:

  • Golf Son Muntaner, Golf Son Vida, and Golf Son Quint: €3 per day per person.
  • Palma Pitch & Putt: €2 per day per person.

This payment can be made online when booking your tee time or directly at our facilities.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding regarding this new provision, which primarily aims to safeguard the integrity of every player and maintain a safe and suitable environment at Arabella Golf.

We remain at your disposal for any further inquiries or clarifications.


Arabella Golf Mallorca

Frequently Asked Questions

Licences and Fees

Do you need a Spanish licence to play? No, you do not need a Spanish licence to play. However, having a Spanish licence eliminates the need to purchase the mandatory insurance, as the Spanish federative licence includes insurance. If you do not have this licence, you must purchase the insurance.

Is the same fee applied to children as to adults? Yes, children are charged the full fee, the same as adults.

How is the licence arranged in online bookings? When making an online booking, you will have the option to add the mandatory insurance during the process. If not included initially, it can be added in the shop or at the caddy master.

What happens with replays on the course? The licence is charged only once per day, even if you do a replay.

When should the registration form be filled out? Before starting your sporting activity, you must fill out the form in the shop or at the caddy master. The process is simple and quick.

How long is the licence valid? The insurance is valid for 1 day and is tied to the duration of the sporting activity at our facilities.

Payments and Procedures

How can I make the payment? You can make the payment directly via payment link, in the shop, or at the caddy master. It is preferable to use the payment link so everything is settled before your arrival.

Insurance and Accidents

What if I have private insurance that covers damages at private facilities? If you do not have a Spanish federative licence, you must purchase the insurance to ensure coverage.

What coverage does the golf course policy offer? Our policy covers medical and treatment expenses in case of minor or serious injuries. Damage to rented equipment is not covered.

What should I do in case of an accident or injury? In case of an accident, you must inform the caddy master.

Where is an injured client taken? In case of injury, we refer clients to a nearby medical centre to ensure they receive proper care.

Who needs to fill out the registration form? Each client must fill out their own form. If coming in a group, each member of the group must complete it individually.