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Sustainable vineyard cultivation at Arabella Golf Mallorca

20 de May de 2024

A showcase of Innovation and Environmental Commitment.

At the intersection of winemaking tradition and a commitment to sustainability, Arabella Golf Mallorca has launched a pioneering project: the planting of vineyards at the Son Muntaner golf course. This ambitious initiative not only aims to enhance the range of experiences for visitors but also promotes environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

The grape varieties were selected based on the characteristics of the terrain and the availability of sustainable water resources. On the 5,000 square metres of terraced land, two emblematic red varieties, Callet and Merlot, have been planted. The choice of Callet, a local variety, underscores a commitment to preserving the region’s viticultural biodiversity, while the inclusion of Merlot, a versatile international variety, ensures a diverse and high-quality wine offering.

The terraced design optimises the use of available space and improves air circulation among the vines, reducing the risk of fungal diseases and enhancing grape quality. Additionally, this layout helps prevent soil erosion, a crucial concern in Mallorca’s delicate natural environment.

In the flat area of 2,000 square metres, two white varieties, Malvasia and Viognier, have been planted, complementing the wine selection with their aromatic and structural profiles. This strategic combination allows for the production of fresh, summer wines as well as complex wines suitable for ageing.

The planting was done manually, ensuring optimal care for the plants from the start. Irrigation, exclusively with reclaimed water, is essential for the healthy development of the vines while promoting efficient water resource use.

To maximise grape quality, a regulated deficit irrigation system has been implemented, encouraging the plants to develop secondary compounds that enrich the sensory profile of the resulting wines. This innovative approach highlights Arabella Golf Mallorca’s commitment to both oenological excellence and environmental sustainability.

As the project progresses, these vineyards are expected to become a model of good agricultural practices and a benchmark for the harmonious integration of tourism, agriculture, and environmental conservation in Mallorca.

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