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Eustaquio Lorite receives the award for tourism worker at the 7th edition of the 2023 Tourism Awards

28 de September de 2023

Ibiza, 27/09/2023 – In a ceremony filled with emotion and recognition, Eustaquio Lorite has been honored with the prestigious award for outstanding contributions as a tourism worker, spanning over 50 years of continuous service at Arabella Golf Mallorca.

From his humble beginnings as an almond picker in Son Vida to his current position as Caddy Master at Golf Son Vida since 1973, Eustaquio Lorite’s journey is an inspiring testament to how dedication and passion can transform an individual into a golf icon in Mallorca. Throughout his illustrious career, he has crossed paths with countless golf legends, including Severiano Ballesteros, whose victory at the 1990 Open at Golf Son Vida remains a part of Mallorca’s golf history. In addition to sharing the course with golf legends, he has had the honor of serving numerous internationally renowned personalities who have visited Arabella Mallorca’s courses.

His love for golf, dedication, professionalism, and kindness have made him a respected figure in the golf community of the Balearic Islands and have contributed to Arabella Golf Mallorca’s recognition as a prominent destination in the Balearic tourism industry.

Over the years, Eustaquio has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to quality and service, not only as a golf expert and sports enthusiast but also as a trusted mentor to other professionals in the field. His experience and knowledge in golf make him a living repository of memories and anecdotes, capable of recounting the history of golf with great detail and passion.

The award received by Eustaquio Lorite at the 2023 Tourism Awards is a well-deserved recognition of his indelible legacy in the history of Mallorcan golf and his contribution to positioning Mallorca as a destination of excellence. His story serves as a reminder of how this sport can bring people together and transcend into quality tourism.


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