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New Electric Shuttle at Arabella Golf Resort Mallorca.

22 de February de 2024

Arabella Golf Resort Mallorca and Transfer Class, a company committed to excellence in passenger transportation, are pleased to announce a significant collaboration that marks a milestone in their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Sustainable mobility. 

As part of our firm commitment to the conservation of the natural environment and the reduction of our carbon footprint, Arabella Golf Resort Mallorca has implemented various sustainability initiatives that contribute to environmental protection and promote responsible practices in the tourism industry.

Our latest contribution is the replacement of our Shuttle service with a modern electric bus, the result of collaboration with Transfer Class. This free transportation service with a capacity for 16 people is the first bus in this 100% electric category operational on the island, connecting Arabella’s four golf courses with the two resort hotels: the Sheraton Mallorca Arabella Golf Hotel and the Castillo Hotel Son Vida. This change represents a significant step towards reducing emissions and promoting sustainable mobility.

Jaime Pizá, CEO of Transfer Class, has expressed his excitement and pride for this significant collaboration with Arabella Golf Resort Mallorca. Together, they have electrified a considerable part of their limousine fleet, reflecting their commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility. They believe that every small action counts, and electrifying their fleet is their way of actively contributing to environmental protection. He also personally thanked Arabella Golf Resort Mallorca for being a strategic partner in this initiative and our valuable customers for trusting us. Together, we are paving the way towards more sustainable transportation and a greener future.

Additionally, at the resort, we recently initiated an ambitious project to install photovoltaic panels at the Golf Son Muntaner facilities. This initiative will allow part of the electrical energy used at the resort to be generated cleanly and sustainably, thus reducing our dependence on conventional energy sources and decreasing our environmental footprint.

The implementation of these sustainable measures reinforces our commitment to protecting the natural environment of Mallorca and our desire to lead the way towards more responsible and environmentally friendly tourism.

In the words of Bernat Llobera, Director of Arabella Golf Mallorca, “Our GREEN EVOLUTION program reflects our commitment to sustainability in all its facets. We are dedicated to ensuring that Arabella Golf Resort Mallorca remains a destination that promotes sustainable and environmentally friendly practices while offering our customers an experience and service of the highest quality.”

Arabella Golf Mallorca is proud to take another step towards a greener and more sustainable future, and looks forward to continuing to collaborate with the local community and the tourism industry to foster positive change on the island of Mallorca.

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