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Arabella Hospitality and Esment: A Renewed Commitment to Sustainability, Inclusion, and Local Gastronomy

12 de June de 2024

Arabella Hospitality and the Esment Foundation have strengthened their long-standing collaboration, which dates back to 2002, with a new agreement for the management of Arabella Hospitality’s Organic Garden. This initiative is part of Arabella Hospitality’s Green Evolution programme and highlights the dedication of both entities to social and environmental responsibility.

A Sustainable Agro-Environmental Project

The new collaboration aims to develop a sustainable agro-environmental project linked to gastronomy while promoting the social and labour integration of people with support needs. The Esment Foundation will be responsible for the management and maintenance of Arabella Hospitality’s agricultural land in Palma, implementing an organic production system with local and seasonal varieties.

Benefits of the Partnership

The partnership with Esment for the management of the Organic Garden offers numerous benefits:

  • Social and Labour Inclusion: The project will employ three new people, two of whom have intellectual disabilities.
  • Sustainable Production: An annual production of 2,500 kg of fruits and vegetables is estimated, ensuring fresh and high-quality products.
  • Quality and Proximity: Growing our own products will reduce the carbon footprint associated with transport. Part of the production will be processed in Esment’s Agro-Food Workshop.

Transforming Arabella Hospitality

With this initiative, Arabella Hospitality continues its transformation towards a circular company, minimising waste and efficiently reusing resources. This project not only benefits the environment but also reinforces our commitment to the community and social inclusion.

Commitment to the Community

Esment already has experience in developing agricultural and landscaping projects with social impact linked to gastronomy. The collaboration with Arabella Hospitality strengthens its commitment to the socio-labour integration of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as young people and those with physical disabilities. This agreement strengthens a relationship of more than two decades, which includes dual training and participation in training workshops and job search activities organised by Esment’s Supported Employment Service.

This joint effort symbolises a continued dedication to improving the quality of life in the community and protecting the environment.

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