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12 under par 2021

9 de March de 2022

We have handed over the solidarity cheque to the associations that have been part of our 12 Under Par programme in 2021, we managed to raise 14,400€ that will be used to support solidarity actions in the community. Thank you to all the entities with whom we have had the pleasure of collaborating in 2021: Capuchinos de PMI, Club Elsa, Associació Jovent, Associació S’Altra Senalla, ASPROM, RETOUTIB, Pep, Amy and Friends, Educaclown, C’An Gazá, Fundació per la formació i la recerca, Antics de Montision y Ayuda a el Chad.

It has already been 10 years of 12 Under Par in which we have contributed €126,900 to different social actions.

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